Sunday, 24 April 2016

Not fluent in creative multimedia programming!!!!

It has been a crazy week trying to get creative ideas to execute in via creative multimedia programming. I am listening to rubbish house music partially to relax and partially because this week was spent in a lot of silence!  However, I will start the blog by saying HOW MUCH I have learned about codeigniter, its framework, functions and the general flow of data. My last post dealt with database structure and getting basic inputs from the view to controller to model and back to the controller to be sent lastly to the view.

Crawl before the wobbly walk….

I had to back track a little and last weekend I spent Sunday, all day Sunday doing a tutorial. I spent the day getting php errors in the browser but this exercise (creating a table of authors on the database) to render an updatable view to the browser was invaluable in showing me the creation of a variable and how to retrieve the data. At one point I was trying to pass a variable into itself without really understanding why. Then with help, ( phone a friend time) I had a chat and then knew I was trying to pass an array of data to the $variable. Wow a revelation. What has this to do with creative multimedia programming? Turns out everything – I can’t make anything that is dynamic, creative or functional for an end user without this skill set.

The idea here is to take another project designed to be responsive and bring it into Codeiginiter to have more functionality for the user.

Responsive GoWest News website: three views in various screen states. 

Monday April 18th 
Stepping up a bit I took our tutors project from class and had a few good reads of it to see how the ‘Local Notice’ project works. There is a lot going on in the project and covers all parts of the CRUD functions. I spoke to a few class mates, the previous Friday (April 15th) and ‘they’, the classmates, said it was  a synch to shoe horn this project into our News project. I was skeptical.
After getting little understanding from class on Monday and no further down the line of understanding I just started studying, again and going through the basic tutorial from Sunday, again.

Tuesday April 19th 
I was basically at this again all day. There was talk of the FYP (Curious Room) going into codeigniter and I got the energy from I don’t know where to try the news project first to see if I could get something working in codeigniter that actually pertained to course work. Enough messing about!

In the evening from about 7 onwards I started on the News Articles assignment, this assignment is part of two modules, advanced programming for the web and emerging web technologies. I could not get anything to work. Then after a few hours rest it dawned on me that my fields in the data base have to match every query in the PHP project exactly. I got out of bed and took a fresh file and started using the find and replace tool again, page by page, function by function. There were 17 I think in all.

 Lesson learned here: (since the previous Friday April 15th) I was trying to use the editor Netbeans but on a personal note brackets seems to suit me, a beginner in this creative multimedia programming gig a lot better. I got it working in under an hour and just thought it cannot be true. So I went to bed and looked at it on Wednesday.

There were still a lot of error messages and glitch things going on by my understanding of tracking them down is getting better, every day by reading the messages. What I learned from this project was where to find files from the controller and how the flow of information is passed from the view to the controller to the model and back to the controller again before being sent lastly with a response, an action to the user. 

I spent around 4 hours adding some navigation bars to three pages to my FYP and frankly by Saturday I could see that they were not useful, it was a lesson learned in the world of creative multimedia programming but a good lesson!
It has been a bit ridicilous trying to get two projects going in code igniter and not actually knowing: 

a) how to tackle errors 
b) how to write functions that do something unique to that project.
Consensus: A good week in exercises over all. 

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